Master Carrie Ogawa-Wong

Sifu Carrie Ogawa-Wong

A 2005 inductee into the Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame, Sifu Carrie is an energetic mother, wife, martial artist, author, instructor, and competitor. She has managed to balance her heavy schedule to enjoy her love for the martial arts and her family.

Sifu Carrie Ogawa-Wong

Her credits include training videos, TV and film roles, live performances, and several feature articles in Inside Kung Fu. With her husband, Master Douglas Wong, Sifu Carrie has trained actors such as Jason Scott Lee, Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, and Ryan Gosling.

Sifu Carrie teaches Children's Kung Fu, Adult Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and private classes.

In addition to White Lotus Kung Fu, she has studied:

Master Jennings

Sifu Jennings

Sifu Phil Jennings has over 30 years experience in martial arts and is a Black Sash (Level 7) in White Lotus Kung Fu. He has been teaching for the past 20 years here at the studio and currently assists with the instruction in the Children’s class and Tai Chi class.

Sifu Jennings

Sifu Jennings has competed and judged in local and international tournaments. He formerly trained in Judo.

Sifu Tom

Sifu Tom

Sifu Michael Tom has over 45 years experience in martial arts. He also holds black belts in Aikido and Kempo, and is a Level 6 Black Sash in White Lotus Kung Fu. He has also trained in Filipino Martial Arts and various other styles of martial arts.

Sifu Tom has competed and judged in many local and International competitions. Sifu Tom has taught numerous self defense and martial arts seminars to students of all ages and skill levels.

Sifu Travis

Sifu Travis Sifu Travis

Sifu Travis Wong is the son of Grandmaster Douglas Wong and Master Carrie Ogawa-Wong. Visit Sifu Travis' official website at for his full bio and a list of current projects.

Sifu David Bevins

Dai Si-Hing David

Sifu David Bevins has over 16 years experience at the studio. He holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Sash. He has competed in local tournaments and many tournaments on the West Coast.

Sifu Joel Lederman

Dai Si-Hing Joel

Dai Si-Hing Joel has over 11 years experience at the studio. He holds the rank of Black Sash (Level 4). He wrestled during college and played Rugby during Graduate school prior to joining the studio. He also does fire performances implementing his knowledge of weaponry from the studio.

Dai Si-Hing Richard

Dai Si-Hing Richard

Dai Si-Hing Richard has over 10 years experience at the Studio. He has a Black Sash (Level 4) in the White Lotus System. He has also competed in local tournaments.

Dai Si-Hing Mike

Dai Si-Hing Richard

Dai Si-Hing Mike began studying martial arts over 30 years ago, beginning with San Soo Kung Fu. When he was of minimum age he began studying White Lotus Kung Fu at the Sepulveda school. He earned a black sash under Grandmaster Douglas Wong and continues studying under Master Carrie Ogawa-Wong. He has studied Five Animal, Five Family style under Sifu Ma Siming, Northern Shaolin, contemporary Wushu, and Combined 48 Forms Taiji. He has also competed in local tournaments.